Blogging and Podcasting – Take One

Today I went to a “How to… Blog and Podcast” workshop. Many of my online friends are doing it. Many are doing it very well and I am very envious of their ability to express them selves so eloquently. I am even impressed by the fact they have people respond to them. I guess I must be easy to please. However I know I have always been a perfectionist and with the adage “If I can’t do it well why do it at all?” This perfectionism has its pit falls most notably my highly toned ability to procrastinate. I am that person who for a long time was never sure what procrastinate actually meant.. exactly. I put off looking it up in the dictionary and boy did I giggle when I finally thumbed the pages of my well worn old faithful and discovered just what a fool I am. So writing this is a step in to the abyss. No endless editing, no endless re reading and re reading for absolute clarity. Accuracy is important of course but as a dyslexic I always believe that I might not have written what I think I’ve written. So if on occasions my sentence structure leaves a little to be desired I apologise in advanced. Key to my blog is my excitement in this ever changing and evolving digital world. Cyberspace… I love traveling it and chatting on my meandering path. Where will it lead? What will triumph and what will get left in the shadows of history?

~ by pcmcreative on December 13, 2007.

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