Facebook helping to unite common causes.

Sunsetting on the out going tide.New Years Greetings from CJ.
I have created a “Save theatre in the UK” Facebook group. It’s a collection of groups listed from around Facebook all together in one place.

Its getting some positive participation. If you are on Facebook please join.


Much of my theatrical work is done virtually! This statement I love. I am indeed Pilot Theatre’s virtual Stage Manager running, developing and managing their online virtual world presence in Second Life. I am an IT social networking professional. My work is about helping small creative companies get the most out of new technology.

Facebook is one of the platforms.

For those who are unfamiliar with Facebook it is an interactive contacts directory. It uses Web 2 technology. Web 2 is another term flying about… it is referring to the access and sharing of information online. Web 1, you look at the web site, navigate through pages, fill in forms, buy products and send information using a submit or send button. Web 2 does all this but the web sites or social media platforms give you feed back. Who else has been there. Notification to your inbox when new stuff is added. The ability to change the look and configuration of elements on the page. You can control the information sent to you, specify your interests, subscribe to blogs, tune in to podcasts, share video. That’s web 2. Well the fundamentals! Mainly its better user experience. Its about being proactive.

Facebook is about people power. Users are looking for things. Users are willing to participate, online at least. Awareness of issues and sharing concerns… The Save our Theatre groups I was invited to were very detached from each other and duplicate groups were springing up. I created this meta group to unite the causes.

This is the link to the “Save theatre in the UK – meta group” please join, please invite people to join. Please let any media, press or marketing contacts you know about this group. Online social media and business stories tend to be quite attractive to the media, press and marketing sphere.

From Jan 7 to 18 Arts Council England will announce who will and won’t be funded. Several well known venues in the UK will have to close as a result. There are online petitions (deadline for participation is 15 Jan), meetings with government ministers and the Entertainment union Equity are confronting the exiting CEO of the Arts Council on Jan 9 in London. A protest is taking place in Norwich on Jan 19 about funding cuts and Bristol Old Vic are holding an open meeting on Jan 10. This has come through the group since it was created a few days before christmas.

Join in have your say.

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