InsideOut – Bluring the Real Life, Second Life bounaries.

http://secondlife.vodafone…. Do you want the line between RL and SL to blur on your mobile phone?
Quite frankly it’s scary! The line between RL (real life) and SL (second life) and the focal distance (blurring!) of that line is a massive issue.

Oh I could go on… and indeed it will be part of the course I am delivering. (Details to follow.) A very exciting Web 2 social media, 5 day course and a collection of SL courses at Castle College’s Axis Centre in Nottingham.

This Vodaphone “InsideOut” service has given me something to think on. The implications are huge. It’s all about how and who you want to do business with. If an AV (avatar) doesn’t want you to know their real name the friendship should remain firmly in the “Game”. If you do use this service there is a danger of your body living in one world and your mind in an other. Not healthy! And in terms of in world it costs. Well it’s L$300, thats about US$1 a call. In serious business terms you do begin to get in to Sillysville having a virtual meeting that you can’t be at you desk for to allow your AV to attend so you conference call in your presence via your mobile! Hmmm!

What do you think? How do you blur your RL/SL line?

~ by pcmcreative on January 17, 2008.

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