Pilot Theatre in Second Life

Since stepping forward and confessing my passion and fascination for virtual world platform Second Life, PCM creative and Pilot Theatre have blazed a trail in the theatre arts arena setting up the Pilot Theatre Hub in July 2007. Pilot Theatre is based in York while PCM creative is based nearly 100 miles away in Nottingham.

Pilot Theatre home hub

Pilot theatre hub - main buildingIn Second Life we have established a meeting space where we hold group sessions with creative team members based around the UK. We discuss potential new projects, meet with arts organisations interested in our venture and social events take place here. We have an Exhibition Gallery on the first floor of our building where photographs and display materials promote Pilot Theatre’s current Pilot theatre hub - Exhibition Galleryshows and when not used by the Theatre Company is opened up for Second Life artists to exhibit work. Back in August Misha Otaard, a photographer from Madrid exhibited in the space. We also have an Events Garden. Media screens stream promotional video clips in to the space that you can watch with friends. There are 2 screens on the exterior of the main building by the front doors and one in the The big screen in the Events GardenExhibition Gallery showing a range of past productions Pilot Theatre has produced and toured the UK. Currently it is occupied solely by Looking for JJ. There is also a large screen in the Events Garden shows edited hi-lights from the opening night of the current play “Looking for JJ”. Which has won critical acclaim from audiences and critics alike since opening in late September 2007 at the Theatre Royal in York before transferring to the Unicorn Theatre in London before Christmas.

Pilot Theatre on the road

Looking for JJ tours the UK in the spring from Febuary 5 2008 and is potentially going to cross the Atlantic for a tour in the the US along with Fungus the Bogeyman their children’s show. Their award winning adaptation of Lord of the Flies is being revived for an autumn tour later this year. While a new production of Catcher in the Rye will run in New York. In Second Life social events will make it possible for audience members to meet and celebrate Pilot Theatre in ways never before possible before Second Life. It is a social and interactive experience.

Second Life Pilot, online content and keeping it live.

Exhibition Gallery information boardThroughout Pilot’s Theatre Hub information about the company and its activities are available from notecards given electronically as visitors enter the building, links go to the Pilot Theatre web site, display boards on stands and interactive click bots visitors can touch for additional information. Visitors can also get free Pilot T shirts from the Freebie Corner for their Avatars to proudly wear as they explore Second Life.
However, Pilot Theatre is rooted firmly in the real flesh and blood world. They utilise the 2D traditional web, interactive Web 2.0 technologies and now 3D virtual world Second Life. Reaching and connecting with new live audiences is the purpose of all Pilot Theatre’s Internet presence informing users of their web site and directing visitors to their My Space, Facebook groups and web based forums about the live shows. Exploiting these technologies for promotion is one thing. Exploring the creative potential and pushing the boundaries of what the arts can use those new technologies for is another inspiration that drives Artistic Director, Marcus Romer and Pilot Theatre Company’s most innovative work.

Coming soon

In my next entries I will tell you about Pilot Theatre’s virtual writer in residence, Richard Hurford, the Shift Happens event and a project seeing writers across several counties collaborating within Second Life on a truly exciting story telling Second Life first.

~ by pcmcreative on January 20, 2008.

3 Responses to “Pilot Theatre in Second Life”

  1. Hello Katie… nice write up :)). I’m looking forward to meeting with you in SL soon.

  2. Any opportunity to show off the Pilot Hub. I can’t wait. So many exciting RL projects at Pilot. In SL I hope I get time to explore again soon. So many amazing places to see. All work and no play make Katie a dull kitten! Thanks Nazz.

  3. hello there!

    My name is Ammay and I am working for The Nuffield Theatre in Southampton. I am interested in our online potential for growth. Thi seems like a really interesting project. Could you send me some details on it? stlarnach@gmail.com



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