A digital place to call your own.

The corporeal world has kept me in a state of perpetual virtual slumber over the last… well looking at my last blog entry over 12 months.

There are times when a project rolls and a realisation dawns that your time nurturing and supporting has come to an end. Pilot Theatre’s Second Life hub has grown from a seed to a blooming flower.

A character in search of a company!

Katie Reve

A time to reflect

So where do I go from here?  Pilot Theatre have now taken up residence in Media City’s new cultural quarter conceived and created by Kohd a virtual world developer located in real world Bradford, UK.

The march of the arts in to the 3D web is a vibrant voyage of discovery. There are travel issues getting to the venue for some but this is part of the enjoyment for me, that of introducing folk to new experiences.

So here is a venue space costing roughly £100 a quarter plus my minimal fee. I work in the arts… I know about tinsy budgets! Are you looking for a virtual venue? Its a great way to turn a 2D social media web presence in to a multi user 3D web experience. You can stream video, display Flickr, pull in RSS feeds, meet up when distances are costly, create a 3D Facebook group, all this to explore with guidance from the inside…me, Katie Reve.

Art galleries, music venues, museums, beach resorts, tranquil woodlands, mysterious kinetic sculpture parks, hidden caves, all of the above in combination. No health and safety, no drink driving… let your imagination take flight. Oh and you can fly.


Until then I will continue to explore, catch up with global friends and confuse folk with talk of my adventure where I seem to talk about the real world and the virtual as one. Language makes no distinction between the physical and the mental only time and space.

New digital horizons… what to see?

~ by pcmcreative on July 3, 2009.

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