What is “about” all about?

•December 14, 2007 • 2 Comments

What is an about page suppose to contain? Obviously it should be about me but how much about, and what about? Do readers want to know about me? Do they care? Do you care? Well I’d like to think so. It took me a long time to discover who I was and I’m quite proud of who I am if a little insecure at times! but I will try and make it brief and informative. I am an on line presence creator. Don’t I mean web designer? No. I specialise in taking on line services and platforms like Yahoo ( as a service for example) or YouTube (as a platform) and finding the embeddable widget and badges to unify a users on line presence linking back to a central place with a unique domain name. The end result may indeed be a web page and yes I will design that web page but in terms of design I ain’t ever gonna win any awards! Another big thing about me is that I have a foot firmly rooted in Second Life and the world of Adventure Gaming. My alter ego flourishes in a virtual world created by Linden Labs exploring much the same in that cyberviod as I do in the cyberworld. My technological sense of magic and awe is fed and nourished by Second Life in the same way the magic and spectacle of live theatre feeds my real world imagination. The final thing about me is the theatrical. Making dreams reality, exploring characters and stories, shaping a world and living in the confines of that world. Mmm I need to think about this more… I leave you with this, my facebook about me entry…”Those who know, know! Shy but wild… calm but crazy… Eyes open, wise and hiding. Show me the way and I’ll smile and shine. Collector of the exquisite and the small. Lover of freedom and the imagination.”. Reading back over this posting… I haven’t helped much! What do you think?


Blogging and Podcasting – Take One

•December 13, 2007 • Leave a Comment

Today I went to a “How to… Blog and Podcast” workshop. Many of my online friends are doing it. Many are doing it very well and I am very envious of their ability to express them selves so eloquently. I am even impressed by the fact they have people respond to them. I guess I must be easy to please. However I know I have always been a perfectionist and with the adage “If I can’t do it well why do it at all?” This perfectionism has its pit falls most notably my highly toned ability to procrastinate. I am that person who for a long time was never sure what procrastinate actually meant.. exactly. I put off looking it up in the dictionary and boy did I giggle when I finally thumbed the pages of my well worn old faithful and discovered just what a fool I am. So writing this is a step in to the abyss. No endless editing, no endless re reading and re reading for absolute clarity. Accuracy is important of course but as a dyslexic I always believe that I might not have written what I think I’ve written. So if on occasions my sentence structure leaves a little to be desired I apologise in advanced. Key to my blog is my excitement in this ever changing and evolving digital world. Cyberspace… I love traveling it and chatting on my meandering path. Where will it lead? What will triumph and what will get left in the shadows of history?